Reason, reason, reason.

Never have I thought that we’re just bad at reasoning. Considering how so well evolved we are, modern-day humans — we tend to place a much greater weight on evidence that supports our existing beliefs, and less weight on evidence that contradicts them.

Andrean Winata
2 min readMay 3, 2021


Where is your mind? You probably answered that it’s the thing inside your brain or some kind of unexplained connection between your heart and your brain. But is the mind really reside in your brain? Well, we indeed use our so-called brain to think, remember, judge, make plans, and solve problems. But you also remember, plan and solve problems using your phone, notes, calendars. It’s also possible for you to also other stuff to help you make a better judgment about many things.

Think. When looked at from another perspective, the brain is just like a glob of meat placed inside your head by the universe. But the MIND is something more. It’s the connection we make between people. It’s the extension of our communication inside a society.


Only by doing communication, we have a superpower to make other people the extensions of our mind. We can simply access their knowledge, experience, judgment by simply asking them things. We can learn how to do specific things like driving a car, overcoming fears of public speaking, and even building a space shuttle. We don’t have to remember and know every single thing that ever existed or even happened in the universe. In short, every single human in this world is doing it for me, just as I do these for them.


Reasoning is a way of human’s mind to make inferences — a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and logical explanations. Reasoning is what makes humans special., it’s the ability that has since enabled us to develop tools, technology, advanced civilization, and allowed us to spread to every corner of the Earth. Yes, reasoning is what makes us human.

It is worth noting that the process of reasoning is not all automatic and instinctive, but by looking at facts, actuality, and see what conclusion they support.


Reason evolved in humans because we are social animals, basted from the very beginning in a rich bottomland of social communication. However, if you think again about it, if reasoning is so great, why are humans the only species with such a sophisticated grasp of being able to reason? Also, if the purpose of reasoning is to find truth and judge something correctly, why couldn’t we altogether agree on everything? If humans are so poor at reasoning, why is it that we are so successful? And if we are so poor at reasoning, how can it be reason that drove our success as a species? What exactly is reason good for, in itself?

Which in cognitive psychology, this is often referred to as confirmation bias.